Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Look what came in the mail today!  I’m finally a certified scuba diver! 

I’d planned to do it at one of those Thai islands like Koh Tao where the dive schools outnumber the stray dogs, but over the last couple years living in Singapore our Thai-beach-getaways have been pretty short.

Anyway, when getting PADI certified right here in Singapore appeared on one of those Groupon clone websites I took it as a sign that it was about damn time!  One classroom session, one pool dive at Outram Park secondary school, then a weekend of diving in the muck at Pulau Hantu and it’s done!

I did my PADI Open Water certification with Sunny Cove Dive Centre and highly recommend them.

I sort of wish I wasn’t makeup-less and dripping wet in the photo on my PADI card, but it was taken minutes after my first ocean training dive, so that’s pretty special too!


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