Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch your ass, Singapore!

I couldn't help but notice these signs on the Singapore MRT last weekend. I thought the ambigous 'Stay Safe!' warning might be about pick-pocketing, but that kind of crime is quite rare in Singapore. Plus whatever the sign is warning about is specifically happening to a curvaceous female backside.

Apparently subway groping isn't just for the Japanese anymore. Or, as Singapore prefers to call groping and other minor sexual assaults, "outrage of modesty".

On closer inspection, there are some useful tips printed below the sign so us helpless females can reduce the odds of our asses being grabbed during our world-class public transit experience.

* Be alert and attentive of your surroundings. When possibly, move away if someone stands or sits exceptionally close to you.

* When returning home alone or late at night, avoid walking through dimly lit, quiet, and secluded places. If possible, arrange for someone to escort you home.
*  Approach the station manager or contact Police for assistance if you see any suspicious looking passengers.

Thanks for that, Singapore. I wonder how many people collaborated on that one.

Also of note, I only saw these signs on the Northeast MRT Line which happens to be the one that serves Little India. Coincidence? I think not...

In case you're not aware, there is a belief among some (not all, of course) Indian men that Western women are easy. We love to have sex any time and with any one, the only thing holding us back is apparently an invitation. While I have not had my ass grabbed at the Little India MRT station, one time when I was having a solo lunch in the area the waiter asked if I was married. When I said I was not, he then asked if I liked to have sex with men. In a similar example of never-going-to-happen, a fruit seller at Tekka Market once tried to tell my fortune then asked if he could kiss me.  Let's not get started on my experiences in actual India...


  1. I had no idea about that believe among Indian men about Western women. It makes a lot of sense now, when I was in India I was stared at and whistled at all day long, even when I was covered from head to toe.

  2. Definitely recognise your experiences with Indian men - the same thing happened a lot to me on my two trips to India. A lot of the staring is harmless but being groped is no fun!

  3. Don't just blame Indian men.

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