Thursday, October 20, 2011

Superlative Singapore: A Tiny Island’s Quest to be the ____est Anything

Maybe it’s an inferiority complex or maybe it’s just that kiasu spirit, but Singapore seems to have an obsession with being #1. At anything.

Between the Travelfish blog and the upcoming iPhone app travel guide, I’ve been writing about Singapore a lot lately and have run into countless descriptions on official websites and pamphlets of an attraction being superlative in some way. 

I have to admit that a few are actually impressive (i.e. Marina Bay Sands), others are quite a stretch and actually require an additional qualifier. Most of the descriptions fall into the pattern of “The world’s ______est ________ing  __________” (e.g. the world’s largest dancing animatronics show). While watching the National Day Parade back in August, the hosts described platform where it happens as “The World’s Largest Floating Stage” so many times that we should have turned it into a drinking game! 

The World's Largest Floating Stage -- uhh, congratulations?
 For the sake of keeping track, here’s a list of Singapore’s superlative attractions.  Do let me know if I’ve missed anything!

 “World’s Largest Floating Stage” - Float at Marina Bay
“World’s Largest Fountain” – Fountain of Wealth
“Largest Dancing Animatronics Performance”The Crane Dance
“One of Southeast Asia’s Tallest Hotels” –  Swissotel, to give it credit, was the world’s tallest hotel at time of completion in 1986
“Tallest Cylindrical Building in the World” – Temasek Tower  / 8 Shenton Way
“The World’s Tallest Public Housing Building” and “World’s Longest Sky Gardens” -  The Pinnacle @ Duxton
“World’s Highest Al Fresco Bar” 1-Altitude bar & gallery

The world's highest al fresco gin & tonic
  “World’s Tallest  Ferris Wheel”The Singapore Flyer edges out the London Eye by 30 meters and the Star of Nanchang by 5 meters
“The World’s Busiest Container Port”, “The World’s Busiest Transshipment Port”, “The World’s Busiest Bunkering Port” and “The World’s Busiest Port by Cargo Tonnage” – are all claims the Port of Singapore has made since 1988 – present. Apparently in 2010 Shanghai took the title of busiest container port.
“World’s Tallest Dueling Roller Coaster” Battlestar Gallactica Cylons vs. Humans Rollercoaster
“The World’s Tallest Slide in an Airport” – slide at Terminal 3, Changi Airport
“World’s Largest Biodiesel Plant”  - mostly palm oil, Opened in March 2011 in Tuas
“World’s Largest Vertical Wind Tunnel” – iFly on Sentosa
“World’s Highest Swimming Pool”, “World’s Most Expensive Hotel” (to build, not to stay at) – Marina Bay Sands
“The World’s Largest Walk-In Aviary” Jurong Bird Park

"The World's Largest Population of Captive Orangutans" - Singapore Zoo 

And a couple to look forward to:

The World's Largest Oceanarium - Marine Life Park Sentosa, opening in 2012
The World's Largest Indoor Garden - Gardens by the Bay, opening in June 2012

"The Highest Urban Craft Brewery in the World": LeVeL 33 (thanks to Flora for this one - she also blogged about it)
"World's largest AED training session" - record set in January 2012, 5,000 participants (thanks to iChappers for this one)


  1. Glad you like it! Was starting to think I was the only one who found this amusing... Let me know if you think of any more and I'll add 'em to the list.

  2. How about tallest urban craft brewery? I just wrote about it and linked to this post:

  3. Thanks for the addition! Have you checked out The Bank yet ?

  4. Yes, it's pretty cool. Fills up with the after-work crowd.

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