Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost in Translation - assorted Engrish

While trying to stave off my insomnia last night I discovered that Lonely Planet (via their Facebook page) is having a "Lost in Translation" contest for funny signs people have photographed while traveling. I have so many hilarious Engrish signs from my 5+ years in Asia that I had to check the fine-print if they allowed multiple entries!  A lot of them are really childish, but make me laugh every time:

No, I did not try the food!!  (Phuket, Thailand)
They should fire their proof-reader. (Phuket, Thailand)
Eww! That's gross, Tokyo.
Spotted in Patong, Phuket - 'nuff said.
Cutting-edge fashion in Chinatown, Singapore
Wash your hands after using that phone. (somewhere in Satun Province)
Thai people have funny names.

Maybe it's time to hire a new chef.