Wednesday, August 17, 2011

H&M is coming to Singapore!

Rumors have been circulating for ages, but the construction site on Orchard Road makes it official:  H&M is opening in Singapore on September 3, 2011!  It's still a couple weeks ago, so this photo will have to do for now. Considering the popularity of Forever 21, another fashionable-but-affordable chain that made its Singapore debut on Orchard a couple years ago, H&M will be a huge success!

 The only question that remains: how long will the queue for the dressing rooms be?!


  1. Zara opened in Melbourne a few months ago and forget lines for the dressing rooms. There was a line just to get into the store! Some people have a commitment to low cost fashion that I just don’t share.

  2. So true! I won't even try to shop at H&M during it's first month... and after then only on weekdays!

    FYI, the *two* Louis Vuitton stores on Orchard Road always have queues, too!