Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plane Food: Air Canada Executive Class

Oh, how I love my Aeroplan frequent flier status and the free upgrades it occasionally means.   I don't think I can ever go back to crossing the Pacific in economy!

A flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver means plenty of first-class meals:

To start:  a duo of smoked fish (salmon and halibut, I believe) and salad with herb-infused olive oil (in the little bottle).
Next up, I discover that my camera has a flash and I dine on airplane steak and mashed potatoes. No, it wasn't accompanied by 2 cherry tomatoes - that's what's left of the salad from photo #1 (eww, raw tomatoes).

Then I nibble on some cheese and crackers with a glass of South African red.  For dessert, some premium ice cream and a New York Times crossword puzzle.


  1. Lucky lady!

    And I hate raw tomatoes too. But if there's pasta sauce or ketchup involved, I'm in!

  2. There's some George Carlin tape where he talks about hating raw tomatoes... "They're not finished yet. They're still in the larval stage"