Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chinese New Year in Singapore

February 3, 2011, marked the start of the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year is a big deal in Singapore and 2 of the mere 11 public holidays all year are allotted to it. New Year's day is a pretty low-key affair spent at home with the extended family, but the shopping period leading up is worse than Christmas. My local supermarket shifted everything around to make space for their displays of festive foods and all I was able to find for weeks was cans of abalone and spiral bamboo. Of course, the heart of the festivities is in Singapore's Chinatown which gets even more bustling than usual with people shopping for decorations, new clothes, and traditional foods.

The day before CNY itself I went down to Chinatown to take some photos of the markets and decorations. I realize my blog would be far more interesting if I had been more timely about sharing these, but... umm....err... uhhh.... sorry!

Have a hoppy new year! 

[ 16 pics after the cut ]
DIY dragon dances!

Eu Tong Sen Road - the decorations are illuminated at night.

 I actually took this photo 2 years ago, but I still love it :)

 I think they say family names on them. I tried to find 'Lee' because that's my middle name.

 I've never seen these before. Are they gourds? Pears?

 I wonder if he has a Chinese girlfriend!

 The God of Prosperity

 Even the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple got dressed up for CNY.

 The first 3 animals of the Chinese zodiac - rat, ox, tiger

 Red scares away Nian, the Chinese New Year monster.

Popular bak kwa vendor - it tastes like candied bacon!


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