Friday, February 11, 2011

Budapest in pictures

It's been a pretty uneventful week in Singapore, but one thing of note happened -- I got my first photo in a gallery! It's at a cafe gallery near Clarke Quay called 'A Room with a View'.

There it is, folks! Definitely the largest that one of my photos has ever been printed. The spiky looking building is the Hungarian Parliament and I took the photo during a river cruise, so I was on a boat almost exactly like the one in the foreground.

The photo was taken nearly two years ago on trip from Istanbul to Vienna. I covered most of the distance by train and Budapest was the only place in Hungary where I stopped. I had just bought my DSLR a few months earlier and was pretty excited to be on such a major trip with it, and by the end of the 3 weeks I had taken over 1,200 photos! With that kind of volume I never really took the time to go through them one by one, but having the parliament one accepted to the gallery prompted me to take a better look at my photos of Budapest. Let me know what you think!

Buda and Pest -- the city is divided into 2 halves by the Danube River. 

 At the beginning of the trip I was traveling with my cousin Mark, but we split up in Turkey. We arbitrarily chose this museum as our meeting place a week later. As predicted, I found him sitting on the steps smoking a cigarette. The museum had a great exhibit about the Scythians, ancient warriors from the Ukrainian steppe. They used the skulls of their dead enemies as drinking vessels and are probably my distant ancestors.

Bowl of goulash and sourkraut from a cafe by the train station.

Church being renovated.
Detail above a church entrance. I would guess they're apostles, but there's only 11.

Budapest was the first place I ever bought a ticket for an open-top sightseeing bus. It was part of a tourist package that included a boat tour, museum entry, etc. and was being sold by university students who were clearly doing this as their summer job. I was sympathetic and bought one. It was actually quite enjoyable.

Street musician - the range he could get with those glasses of water was incredible!

 The Budapest Citadel -- great views and every souvenir imaginable.

One of those great views -- colors pumped up using LAB.

Budapest was my favorite city in Eastern Europe. It had the architecture of Vienna without the stuffiness and I felt very safe exploring on my own - even at night. 

Youngarians (hehe) doing bike tricks at the Heroes' Monument.

The exterior of the Széchenyi Bath House. After my naked scrub-down at a hamman in Istanbul I decided to skip this one. 
Bridge spanning the Danube. 

Another shot of the Hungarian Parliament in all its gothic glory.

And, in case you were curious, me.


  1. Congratulations! That's so exciting.

    Great photo.

  2. The church entrance is the best!!!

  3. Just saw your pics, and I love Budapest! Feel an intense urge to go back there somehow in a train esp after watching Before Sunrise. And the food was pretty good, gorged on foie gras and goulash!


  4. Nice pic, that's an epic building. Interesting that you said that Budapest was your favorite city. Of the three big cities I visited last year (Vienna, Prague, Budapest), it was my least favorite. Well, the Buda side felt a bit more rundown and destitute to me, while the Pest side seemed to have more energy, nicer architecture, easier walking, etc.

  5. Greg -- Vienna was beautiful, but a little too showy for my tastes. I like when cities are a little bit run down... it gives them character.

  6. Greg - you obviously did not "see" Budapest or you met Hungary's fantastic politicians who undermine all the wonders of Budapest and Hungary by amazingly lousy and often negative promotion. Do come back and look again - I promise that you will change your mind!
    ..... I am just a Canuck who travelled the world.

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