Saturday, January 15, 2011

WTF Singapore: Haw Par Villa

Would you believe this is 10 feet high?
Haw Par Villa is hard to describe. Imagine you dropped acid, let an old Chinese lady tell you scary stories, then made some crude art about your hallucinations.

No one knows why the creators of Tiger Balm thought it was a good idea to create a theme park filled with nightmarish scenes from Chinese folklore, but they did, it's still there, and it is photography gold. The fact that Haw Par Villa has minimal signs to explain what you're looking at and is poorly maintained makes it all the better.

I could say I'm about to show you a photo of a chicken-lady with lop-sided breasts having a domestic dispute with a duck-man or a family desperately trying to save their father from the jaws of a stingray, but I think you'd still be surprised when you saw it.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.
[22 pictures after the cut]

Told you so.

Daddy!  Noooo!

The Statue of Riberty

Hydrocephaly? Never hearda her!

Just as I suspected...

2 Fishmen will enter the arena, but only 1 will swim out

"Hey sugar, get those 12 teats over here"

"Yes, I'd like to order 3 dead sheep. Can you deliver?"

"That's very interesting. Please tell me more"

"Honey, has that severed human hand always been there?"

I hate when this happens.

"Stay off my lawn, lousy kids!"

What really happened to Mowgli.


  1. Not very welcoming, now, is it?

  2. Your pictures are so interesting!

  3. Thank you! A Chinese friend of mine has promised to explain the symbolism of the statues to me, so I might update with some more info.

  4. Glad this place is no longer the commercialised park i visited in the 90s. I will go there today!

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